Bryn Turner | About

Hi there, my name is Bryn Turner and I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls with a passion for photography.  I have always lived in the beautiful pacific northwest and I currently live and photograph clients in the Seattle-Eastside area.  My love for photography began with my love for my firstborn daughter...


Our everyday lives can be chaotic, filled to the brim with work, school, packing lunches, sports practices, temper tantrums, and teaching moments.  As a parent we are easily overwhelmed by the never ending list of things to do. However hectic our days can get though, there is always that moment that makes it worth it, when your child smiles his cheeky little smile, or when your daughter places her hand in yours and tells you she loves your, and our hearts melt.  These are the moments that I strive to capture through my photography and when my day gets too hectic, I look at the beautiful photographs of my children on our walls and my heart is once again filled to the brim with joy. 


Life is a journey, ever changing and moving forward, sometimes far too quickly with children.  I love to capture these fleeting and beautiful moments along the journey of life for families and to create a work of art for them to cherish for years.


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