Bryn Turner | What to wear guide


What To Wear Guide

Deciding what to wear for your family photo session can be difficult and stressful.  I have compiled a list of easy tips that you can follow when choosing outfits for you and your family so you can have a great photoshoot.



1.   Steer clear of fluorescent colors.  Harsh and bright colors and can sometimes leave color casts on your skin.  I recommend versions of primary colors, yellow (mustard), red (maroon or brick), blue (navy).  These tones enrich your photos without overpowering the most important part of the pictures, you and your family.


2.  Consider the room your photos will be displayed in. This is huge! If the colors in your pictures conflict with the tones of the room in which they are hung, you’ll want to replace them sooner than later. If the room in which your photos will be displayed is decorated with muted, natural tones, you want to carry that style and color palette through to your outfits.


3.  Stand out from your background.  For example, if you are taking photos at the park or in the forrest where there will be a lot of greenery, don't wear green.  You want your family to be the focus of your photos and not blend in to the scenery.  


4.   Choose a style.  Choosing formal wear is timeless and makes for beautiful photos to hang in the fancier parts of your home. If you want a more documentary or lifestyle type of look, you can wear every day, casual clothes, but stay away from graphic tees and remember to keep the outfits ironed and clean to avoid looking sloppy. The middle ground-- wearing more dressy but still casual clothing-- is always an easy choice because you’ll look nice but also feel comfortable.   


5. Wear what you feel comfortable in.  Moms and dads, this is for you specifically.  If you are not comfortable in the outfit you are wearing it will show in your pictures.  If you can’t find a dress you feel good in but you rock a pair of skinny jeans, wear the skinny jeans.  Also be mindful of the terrain you will be walking on when you pick your shoes.  If you are going to be walking out in nature, a pair of heels might not be the best choice.


6.  Layer, layer layer!  Layers add dimension and depth to your photos.  In the summer add a cute belt or necklace.  In the fall or winter add cardigans, scarves, hats, blazers or vests.


7.  Dress for the weather!!!  I can’t stress this enough.  If it will be cold out, have your children wear long underwear and layer them in hats and sweaters, or spend the money to buy a cute coat.  Nothing will kill a photo session faster than a freezing child.


Once you’ve decided on your outfits, please send a picture of them to me so we can collaborate together on your vision and assure all of the other factors--such as the location and editing--work together to achieve your desired look.